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Welcome to ACADEMIA


In 1990 I founded ACADEMIA with some partners.

The name was chosen because at the time training courses were held on the use of Computer Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing systems in the Industrial Operations and Automation sectors, hence ACADEMIA.

ACADEMIA was also the place where Plato held school characterized by the study of mathematics and the exercise of dialectics, involving scientists and disciples.

Subsequently, in addition to training and depending on the needs of the various clients, ACADEMIA became more oriented towards management consultancy regarding the operational activities of industrial companies.

This has led to long collaborations with training and certification companies.

Among the most important projects are:

  • Plant design for the production of medical devices;
  • Design of a factory for the production of furniture;
  • Drafting of the Quality System for the Italian factories of an important multinational;
  • Bringing production plants up to standard in the change of ownership of the Italian plants of a multinational pharmaceutical company.

In the meantime, I began collaborating with Italian and foreign universities, first as a lecturer and then as a professor, dealing with the design and management of industrial plants, with particular attention to sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food.

Furthermore, active participation in some professional associations, such as UNI, ISPE, SPS etc., gave the opportunity to learn and develop original methods and tools for solving problems.

Our methodology

The customer's requirements are the basis of all activities.

The customer must define exactly what he/she needs: if he/she doesn't know, we need to help them define the requirements as clearly as possible.

The objective is then to satisfy the requirements in the most comprehensive, timely and economically satisfactory way for both parties.

In organizing the service, ACADEMIA makes use of the collaboration of a network of professionals and companies with which there is a consolidated relationship of projects and exchanges of information.

Claudio Rolandi, founder

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