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Energy sustainability and renewable energy

How to create an almost completely autonomous system from an energy point of view

In this presentation, we will explore the innovative concept of Renewable Energy Communities (CERs) and their role in the transformation towards a sustainable energy future.

From deployment strategies to storage technologies, we'll discover how CERs are shaping a greener, more resilient future.

What are CERs?

CERs are associations between owners, companies and institutions that collaborate to produce, exchange and consume energy from renewable sources at a local level. This decentralized approach promotes sustainable and resilient energy management.

Implementation of CERs: strategies and considerations

Through collaboration and strategic planning, CERs identify sites for the installation of energy systems, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste.

Energy sources and storage: The Heart of CER

We explore renewable energy sources and storage technologies that power RECs, offering innovative solutions to balance energy supply and demand.

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